Versailles castle - Golden regal

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Versailles castle - Golden regal

Versailles castle - Golden regal
Let\"s visit the Palace of Versailles, typical French art, the essence of European architecture.
As one of thequintessentialworksrepresenticonicculture-artof France,Versaillescastlewasused as aFrenchroyalpalacefor along timein the history offeudalFrance.

VersaillesCastleisthequintessentialmarkof17th centuryFrenchartand18,with thebuilding styletypical ofclassicssuch assymmetry,thecolumnscorridor,takingworksof artinspired bylegends andancient art.In addition,this workalso incorporatesmorefeaturesofBaroqueart.

Mirror Room-the most beautiful rooms in palace

Oneothertraitscanbe seen,thereis a lotofdetailinsideandoutsidethe palacearedecorated withgoldentones-bright yellow.Evensome of thelocationscovered inreal gold.

The gardenof the castleistheotherpartwonders.In addition to beingdesignedin accordance withasymmetricstylewith a lotoftheartworkisexquisitesculptureson displayhere.

The main gateof the castleisalsoshapedequallydistinctivein comparisonwithneat definitionofinsidework.LikeBuckinghampalace gate,themain gateof the castleof Versaillesalsoreflectedroyalauthoritythroughthe iconiccrown,along withtheprosperityofrichcountries throughpatternsaround,as wellasthe brilliantgoldenlight.

Art main gate

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