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The villa collection of ASUZAC ACM in 2013

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

The villa collection of ASUZAC ACM in 2013

The villa collection of ASUZAC ACM in 2013
The beautiful villas that ASUZAC ACM has provided products and service in 2013.
This articles will show you the villa building of ASUZAC ACM that using our aluminum products.

01/Buildings in Hai Phong - Flower Garden Gate

This is one of the most superficial construction that ASUZAC ACM ever made. European classical style is the key to the design of this villa. Gates and fences designed large sizes, patterns and reliefs are also well characterized for this design

02/Buildings in Hai Phong - Gosanjo gate and fence

One more typical projects comes from Hai Phong. Perhaps European villa is the new building tendency in 2013. Classic style is once again appearing on this architecture.Ivory white tones radiate beauty and sophisticated elegance of the house

03/Buildings in Phu My Hung ( Ho Chi Minh City ) - Stresia Gate

This building is a representation for clients from the South of ASUZAC ACM. Unlike the above two designs, this third project geared more to design new style now.
The lines represent fairly gentle, with pinkish tones adorned by white detailing, bring a fresh feeling to the house.

04/Building in District 7( Ho Chi Minh City ) - Sunmaru Gate

An another project represents for ASUZAC ACM customer from southern of style and modern design.
Perhaps contrary to mainstream French villas - European-style, the beautiful model home brings modern style is still the choice for discerning homeowners to adapt to the geographical conditions and no difference other than .

05/ Buildings in Phnom Penh ( Cambodia ) - Gosanjo Gate

This is one of lots project from overseas ( foreign ) which constructed by ​​ASUZAC ACM. Two highlights of this work, which is a hybrid form of architecture simple style with a few modern European lines, helping the house airy and luxurious but not bring bulky feeling as often found in European villas.

The second point, which is an improvement in form this Gosanjo gate. The stylized pattern and add a few details to suit the size, general structure of the house. This is the advantage of the high customization of products ASUZAC ACM.

Hope you might have a good choice for your house.
Edited by ASUZAC ACM.

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