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Gratitude from ASUZAC ACM to our patrons

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Gratitude from ASUZAC ACM to our patrons

Gratitude from ASUZAC ACM to our patrons

Dragon - Phoenix in architecture and Feng Shui

Images of the Dragon - Phoenix image which is not alien to the culture of the East Asian and also VietNam .

In the feudal, the Dragon is the image used only for Kings , demonstrates the powerful , represents " God " of a dynasty. Enclosed powerful and
majesty image of the Dragon which is flexible, graceful of Phoenix , is considered to represent the queen.

Dragon - Phoenix in folk
The more open cultural awareness took photos Dragon - Phoenix to the more rustic . One can easily come across these pictures of the costumes , wedding or building temples ... and all the house work .

That"s because Dragon - Phoenix during weddings to symbolize prosperity , abundance of wealth and many sons. Dragon usually representation of the man in the family, the father. Similarly, Phoenix is the visual representation of the mother .

Furthermore, in the concept of Feng Shui, the Dragon and Phoenix image brings good luck for those family. When this symbol hanging from the Northwest to bring luck to the father , hanging in the southwest to bring good luck to the mother .
The symbol of East will bring health benefits to the family , and at the South will bring the whole family for fame and luck.

Dragon Phoenix Relief - word of gratitude to customers

In recent years , gates and other aluminum casting products other of ASUZAC ACM always have a good position in the hearts of consumers. Over time , the trust of our customers as well as the quality of the product from ASUZAC ACM are proven.

This helps us to became more motivated to make more improvements in technology , design and service ... to always meet the real demands of the customer.
Along with the improvements in technology and service ... we look forward to bring peace , prosperity and good luck to our customers . With this desire , frieze boards Dragon - Phoenix in aluminum castings were made ​​.
Dragon - Phoenix , gratitude to customers

This is a gift of gratitude that ASUZAC ACM sent to our clients the desired peace and prosperity for your family.

Edited by ASUZAC ACM.

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