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Exterior decoration brings prosperity

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Exterior decoration brings prosperity

Exterior decoration brings prosperity
In feng shui, the exterior layout have a major influence on the overall scenic beauty of the house and bring prosperity to the owner.

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Gate is the place to come to . Therefore, in feng shui , it is also the notion that the port is an important factor to welcome vitality to the port nha. So how to design your house combine with feng shui ?
The first thing that we always have to consider that the harmonization of gate. The most important requirement is that they are designed to fit the space.
Portal designed to avoid the need to bend or skewed, heavy Communist Party because it could lure the bad air from entering.

In addition , the direction in Feng Shui as well as paint the gateway port is also very important , this depends on the fate of the landlord should therefore learn to know the direction and color match the Guardian.
Position open gate should not face the main door because the concept " of air moving in circles, murderous straight path " , the gate should not face the door or face other obstacles such as trees or poles ... Do not get too dense vines or barbed wire at the gate as this book hinders prosperity in the air.

Townhouse or condominium, there is a private garden that is not simple. However, if you are lucky enough to own a garden, then make sure they are in harmony with the structure of the rest of feng shui house. To do this, we need to save to a few factors.

Not so easy to plant deciduous trees to plant wilting, yellowed because according to feng shui garden, withered tree image can make the bad gas.
In addition, plant size to match the area of ​​the garden. Garden need airy space therefore should not luxuriant vegetation, the cover will not absorb that energy- grained enough to weaken.

Balcony is the extended space for your home, but not everyone knows that the balcony is also a small contribution brings vitality if designed with feng shui .
Another factor to note is not designed balcony with serrated , sharp corners . Not too many tall trees grow low , making cumbersome balcony , veiled impede good air enters.

Balcony should be decorated and designed reasonable.

Balconies should not face directly towards the road because of noise chaos will direct airflow into the indoor air disturbance, health impairment and loss of good air transport.
Balcony avoid symmetrical doors, kitchen door because of feng shui, this is dark rider "radial", if not change the structure of the house you can use curtains or put a front locker or to limit the radial.
Also, avoid putting the balcony opposite direction with sharp corners pointing straight into the air transportation disadvantage.

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