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Villa Gates - How to choose material ?

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Villa Gates - How to choose material ?

Villa Gates - How to choose material ?
Gate is the entrance, as well as a protection for the inside space of the house. Especially, if this is a villa gate, the requirements is not only about safety, rigidity of the gate, but also the design of product to not affect the beauty of the whole house.

Therefore, most of the gates of the villa are designed based on familiar materials such as wood, steel, ... Also in recent years, aluminum castings are also plenty of options for the owner.
The following article will give some advantages and disadvantages of the materials so that you can easily make the right choice for your home.
Wooden Gates : It may be the most popular and oldest material in human building until now.
Perhaps originated entirely from natural, therefore, wooden gate is very harmony with the architectural style of "green". Combined with green walls - barriers, the wooden gate gives more aesthetic sense than safety.

Therefore, the wood proved to fit the design of the garden, many green trees. However, due to its nature that wooden gate usually not life long, especially in harsh environments such as in Vietnam it. After a period of use, the wood will be warping, termites ... if not handled carefully. Choose the good type wood will partially solve the problem, but also make the cost becomes higher.
Iron Gates: Compared with wood, iron gates shown many advantages over wood products. The ability to be bended of iron so good, with many models to the customer can choose to suit your home structure.

Also, low initial cost as well as a predominance of iron materials. Due to its characteristics, iron is used in many construction and architecture. Although resistant to the environment quite well compared to wood, iron still has a few shortcomings when put into long-term use.

Due to the heavy weight, the iron gate become harder to open when we need. Some additional work is designed to support open systems (electric winch motor - iron rails), however this does increase the cost of construction.
In addition, an important drawback of iron material, which is the rust after using time in the external environment. The weld surface products require careful handling to minimize this from happening. However, after a certain time, iron structure will be completely destroyed and must be replaced.
Aluminum gates: This is a kind of new material, although research and development a long time ago, but the last few years, cast aluminum is used in many construction products, especially with the villa gates.
Because the material is metal, so aluminum gate can be designed in many different models, depending on the customers choice. New technology now allows casting of aluminum products increasingly edgy about the textures, patterns and still ensure the durability of the product.

Features stainless aluminum alloy casting is a big advantage compared with the iron, a traditional material .The cost of surface and weld treatment also be reduced. Because it is Aluminum, the gates will become lightweight, easy to open and using, so the additional costs should be reduced.
After the surface treatment and coating, aluminum products almost completely "immune" to the effects of bad environment. Concerns about rusted completely resolved, the maintenance costs, in terms of reprocessing is not needed anymore.
Each type of material has a certain advantage. Depending on preference, the design style of the villa which you can choose yourself a nice gate, sustainable while ensuring a low cost!

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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