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Clean up the house to greeting New Year

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Clean up the house to greeting New Year

Clean up the house to greeting New Year
Vietnamese Tet Holidays is coming. How did you prepared for you house ?
In the end of the year, the home to gather together cleaning the house, decorated inside and out to welcome Spring. Please refer to the suggestions below as to your house just beautiful in the medium of feng shui.

1 . Clean the house :
So cleaning from top to bottom and from inside out . Wipe off the dust on the wooden objects, metal to trigger the nature of the five elements in objects. The old furniture, damaged should be replaced. In particular, before December 25th, please bring old shoes left at 3-way intersection near the house, then go another way home. This will neutralize the effects of bad luck, which in the old year term.

2 . Decorate the living room :
Living room is not only where the family frequently gathered, but also a place to pick to play house. According to feng shui , this is also the focus of a lot of vitality. Typically, financial position most prosperous in the living room is on the corner diagonal from entering the main door. You should not hang a mirror in here, because the mirror reflection effect, easy operation hinders account. Please present a fresh vase or a potted tree ( gerberas, orchids, orange tree ... ). This has contributed more to adorn the New Year, both effects activate luck fortune.

3 . Furnished the altar :
The altar is the most sacred area of the house. When cleaning, cleaning, wet towels should be noted, wipe the dust accounts for the idol, or image on the local brothel altar. However, should limit moving objects, images and do not use a mop. For many families burn incense, while offering on 30 December to burn incense foot section of the old year, not to be thrown into the trash.

4 . Kitchen interior :
Kitchen feng shui experts see as a determinant of prosperity the whole family. Before the New Year, the kitchen should always be clean and clean arrangement to welcome a new year of peace.
The objects in the kitchen should have a light color to neutralize the heat from the element " Fire ". Refrigerators should not be placed on the wall opposite the kitchen door , the best position is to the left or right side door.

Wishing you and your family a New Year Wellbeing - Prosperity.

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