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AOYAMA project - light and creativity

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:49

AOYAMA project - light and creativity

AOYAMA project - light and creativity
AOYAMA Project
In addition tocivil workssuchpopularvillagatedoor,fenceorbalcony...then ASUZACACMalsoservingsome ordersareanonymousandhighly technicalarchitecture.

These structures
often requiresmillimeterprecisionineach,toensure the delivery ofoptimum efficiencyforbuildings.
A part of AOYAMA project.

It"s hard to say about the ideas from this design.

Testing and checking process with highest requirement.

Thegapdistanceandthe sizeofeachtriangularpiececarefullycalculated.After completion,along withlight effects,shimmeringbuildingsbecome,incrediblybeautiful.

Lighting effectsareachievedwhetherviewed fromanyangle.

In the future,ACMAsuzacwill look forward tomoregreat works,architecturalaestheticsandart,an expansion ofareasinvolvedin the construction industry.

Edited by ASUZACACM.

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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