Month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM

Month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM
Month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM
As part of the series of annual activities of ASUZAC ACM, last Tuesday (03/12/2013), all officers and employees of the department offices as well as factories are actively involved in response, which opening the meeting with the thematic "Quality Month"chaired by the President Ryoichi Kubo.

At the meeting, representatives of the department report on quality indicators, the level of work efficiency in production and service provision to customers in the past year.

Along with that, the new quality target is set, combined with initiatives, performance improvement to enhance customer service capabilities of ASUZAC ACM while maintaining friendly elements environment - society.

At the meeting, Chairman Kubo was also awarded to individuals who have brilliant ideas, received the most votes for the improvement the new slogan of quality of the company.

This is an annual activity of ASUZAC ACM, periodically conducted in November every year, to raise awareness of the quality and value of goods supplied to each customer; strictly with the criteria of customer service quality always placed on top.

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