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New CNC system in the production of ASUZAC ACM aluminum castings

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:49

New CNC system in the production of ASUZAC ACM aluminum castings

New CNC system in the production of ASUZAC ACM aluminum castings
After putting into operation 6m molding system, the ASUZAC ACM also applies CNC mold production system to meet the design requirements of the market.
Alongwiththe development of themarket,ASUZAC ACM alwaysupgradewithout stoppingtobest meetthe needs ofconsumers.After puttinginto operation 6mmoldingsystem, theASUZAC ACM alsoappliesCNCmoldproduction systemtomeet thedesignrequirementsofthe market.

CNC machine operating.
A new design will be produced.

With a team ofprofessional3D designandexperiencedCNCsystemallowsrapidcreationofdetailedmoldingandexactlywhatthe customer requires.
A new design from Japan

Previously,almostmoldedsamplesareprocessedin Japan.This situation isguaranteed to deliver thebest performancefor thecast,but there aretwomain drawbacks:limitedproduction timeandhighspeedproduction costs.

All thedetailsarecreated correctly.

Manufacturing processdesignandprototypingclosedsinceproductionuntilcompletionhelpsto better controlthe quality of productsas well as ensuringproductcompletion timeso thatschedule.

The priceofthisproductis alsogreatly reduced,to avoidcausingpressureshould notcostto the customer,whenselectingdesignpatterns,new products.

Mold created by CNC machine can be used in producing process soon.

Withmechanical systems-technology thatASUZACACMownsandapplication,customerscan completelydesign an unique product style,withaestheticrequirements,evenhelphouseitself into auniquedesignthatviewershave to chisel.

Alongwith productsinVietnammarket, thestructuresin Japanoftensendorders,contractstodomestic producers,whose most recent project is AOYAMAbuildings.The common featureofthese worksarelarge buildingswitharchitecturaldesigns-aesthetic.
This requiresthe productionofmolds andmoldedtoperfectionis alwaysto ensurehighaccuracyto be abletocompletetheworkproperlywithoriginaldesign ideas.

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