Putting into operation the mold 6m size

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:49

Putting into operation the mold 6m size

Putting into operation the mold 6m size
ASUZAC ACM inaugurated and put into operation 6m molding system, enhanced manufacturing capabilities for larger orders.

AsuzacACMhasinaugurated andput into operationthe moldsystem6m(width6meterscasting).This isanimportant step of company"s strategies.

thelinesof vacuummoldingsandon theV-Processregulations,the newsystemallowsthe deviceto beexportedbunchoflarger products,as wellas fastertime.

Withsmallproductionunits, the productwillbe usuallydividedinto sectionstofit themoldforsandcasting,thenmerge them.
This method issomewhataffecttheproductquality,production time(because of multi time casting)as well ascost.

Withthenew system,ASUZAC ACMcanfurther accelerateprogress inthe production oftheir products,anddirectiontotheprojectsuch as:Skyscrapers,commercial,orhotel...villa gate,largecast aluminumgates.

A fewotherimagesfromthenewequipmentAsuzacACM6m.

Wishyou have bestchoiceforyour home.
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