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Swing gate - Premium product for villa

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:48

Swing gate - Premium product for villa

Swing gate - Premium product for villa
Swing cast aluminum villa Gate - luxury products for housing.
Swing gate is thehigh-level designforproduct linesvillagate with the design suitable forprojects withhigh demandsonboth theaestheticsas wellasdurability.
=>Swing Aluminum gate.

Popular inmany marketssuch asVietnam,Thailand,Indonesia,Cambodia...Swinggateproductsrepresenttheinherentadvantagesofcastaluminumproduct lineofASUZACACM.Throughtheprocess ofproductiononthe V-Processreputation,theproductscanalsoremarkable advantagessuch as:subtlepattern,anti-rust,goodcopewiththeunfavorable factorsofthe environment.

Specifications :

Product Code: GAT 150
Size : W.3600 x H.2600
Weight : 240 kg

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