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Aluminum Villa gate - 2014 style

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:48

Aluminum Villa gate - 2014 style

Aluminum Villa gate - 2014 style
The following article will introduce some beautiful villas gate samples, designed by 3D technology and manufactured by vacuum casting process aluminum from ASUZAC ACM.
1 / Buckingam style:

This is a new product designed based on 3D technology from ASUZAC ACM. In VietBuild Exhibition 2014 in Ha Noi, this product is also attracting a lot of attention from the visitors.

2 / Buckingam Mini Style

Buckingam Mini is an innovative product is the latest in 3D technology. The duo Buckingam products were design base onEuropean style, massive and luxurious.

3 / GosanjoStyle

Gosanjo aluminum gates is the most popular style from ASUZAC ACM. So far, this is still a cast aluminum products that customers preferred.

The advanced technology allows to create multiple designs based on a sample of the original product. Picture below is a variation of the gate Gosanjo - villa project in Cambodia.

4 / Gosanjo MixStyle

Continue to be a product in 3D design, Gosanjo Mix is an option for anyone who enjoys the simple design, but still ensures the luxury for their homes.

5 / Swing Style

With unique designs, patterns and colors, Swing gate is a sample of the many beautiful gate which have a lot attention from customers.

Wish you can select the appropriate products!
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