Some tips when expand your balcony

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Some tips when expand your balcony

Some tips when expand your balcony

A nice balcony is not only the harmony in the arrangement, decorated with ornamental objects but also needs to avoid certain essential. The following article helps you to decorate balconies with the most effective and widely.

1. Avoid to arbitrary renovat balcony

In fact, most of the houses are now mostly confined space. So instead of being extended horizontally, they are raised to take advantage of soaring space above. And of course when building have additional floors, the balcony appears more and more. To satisfy with demands of daily living, we will try to expand the space as much as possible and expand balcony is seen as a viable option, and easy to implement.

The idea is to use very effective in expanding of our house. Still need to pay attention when making decisions because the arbitrary renovated balconies will decrease the aesthetic of the house.

2. Take care of indoor scences activities

Balconies should be designed to become the way cool air but not too empty. Sometimes it affects to activities within the family. Thus, between the balcony and the door should be separated to ensure the privacy, safety has increased for the house. Some new designs currently selected glass for the balcony area. This helps increase light and aesthetic of the house. You can use curtains or infinity glass equip your home.

At the outside of balcony space, you can take advantage of to plant flowers, ornamental plants for green homes. If handy, you can make yourself a garden at the balcony. You can choose the type of small plant pots, hanging pots to save space or to decorate a small piece of furniture is also a good idea here. Outside the fence to set the aluminum to keep the house safe while the stainless frame racks for pots, vines. A little note that if you choose to plant crops in hanging pots, ensure that is safety of those below.

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3. Avoid too much messy and cumbersome in the balcony

As noted above, if there is a bit of dexterity and sophistication in decorating and design house, balcony can become a place to enjoy, rest of the family, breathe fresh air and "mix " with plants. Therefore, you should not present serious things, cumbersome and confusing to the balcony because it will create a sense of fatigue, inhibiting for those who live in the home. It should not turn into a warehouse balcony for outdoor furniture to be easily integrated wind blown dust causing indoor air pollution prone.
To avoid committing to it at the cavalry cause stagnant air in the house and affect the aesthetic point of view, according to Feng Shui, the renovation of the original part of the house, you should create open space open, not enclosed balcony.

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