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Some attention about Feng Shui for the fence

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Some attention about Feng Shui for the fence

Some attention about Feng Shui for the fence
How to build your house not only beautiful but also harmonize with Feng Shui ? May the following article will give you some ideas.
Fence traditionally is a critical component when designing and building house. Along with doors to keep the task of protecting private space of the home, but also ensure the safety of nature assigned campus for other spaces.

Not only that, the fence is also designed more carefully, to look how to bring harmony to the whole house, judging the aesthetic aspect and feng shui.

Feng shui is a concept called " five damages " refers to things that are not good for housing. In particular, the fence is not complete or suitable building is also mentioned as an important factor to protect the house. So how to design the fence combine both Fengshui and the beauty.

If your house faces west, the fence should be discreet form, combining the array built to reduce the heat of the harsh sun on the way, as well as dust and the noise from outside.

Conversely, if you can build your house in South or Southeast, this is a good direction in feng shui . Considering the fact that direction of the house to help you avoid the sun shine into the early morning , and welcome the cool South wind.

The fence can design sparse, open to welcome students into the air. A few shrubs, vines at the bottom of fence make the space around your home become more green.

Likewise, if forced to choose for your house really discreet style fence, even " enclosed ", try to cultivate more arrays, trees at the front of your fence.

Wish you have a pleasant designed for your home !
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