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The Dragon iconic in architect

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

The Dragon iconic in architect

The Dragon iconic in architect
Despite being an iconic legend, however, Dragon stills remains a key symbol of Vietnamese life in particular and Asians in general.
Despite being an iconic legend, however, Dragon stills remains a key symbol of Vietnamese life in particular and Asians in general. In feudal social, dragon is an iconic representation of the royal class .In this period, Dragon iconic is only used to decorate the palace or the residence of the king and royalty.
Dragon in the Vietnam"s cultural - architecture.

There are several concepts that Dragon image of our country is heavily influenced from the north after culture for a thousand years of domination. However, when going to learn we can easily see that Vietnam Dragon images have very different features and characteristics, derived from the legendary about "Children of the Faire and the Dragon" that folklore handed down to the present day .
The records about the Dragon image in Vietnamese architecture is not much left. The main reason is because they have experienced the vicissitudes changes, war and during the development of the country .
The first milestone was recorded and still exists to this most relics are to be started from the Ly dynasty. The image of a flying dragon roll up is one of reasons for Ly Cong Uan Emperor set the name for the capital of Thang Long, along with the will and spirit of the nation rising.

The Dragon of Ly dynasty - The specific of Vietnam"s Dragon
Also from the Ly dynasty lasted throughout the Nguyen Dynasty the dragon was used more for decoration of palaces, shrines, temples with popular imagery such as " Two dragons flanking the moon", ...

Dragon in an ancient building
Compared with the Chinese dragon, the dragon statue of Vietnam also has many differences , in particular the long mane, beard chin, no horns, big -eyed, jaw open, fanged, long tongue and characteristics especially with nasal crest. This is a perfect image of art characteristic of our nation, because of its curved shape brings a flawless rhythm, beautiful and strong.

Tác phẩm Rồng kỷ niểm 1000 năm Thăng Long - Hà Nội
Dragon is often bending the 12 parts, representing 12 months of the year. Body fluid symbolizes transformation and the ability to change the weather, natural and crops. The fin is small and seamless regularly.
Another difference is the Dragon of Vietnam is always hold a gem in its mouth other than the image of Chinese or Japanese dragon is often held by the front legs. This is the Asia symbolizes about humanity, knowledge and noble heart. Dragon"s head bobbing up always to get the spirit gem representative of the respecting noble human values​​, to pursue wisdom and noble spirit.
The Dragon iconic at Le dynasty.
That values are put up on all the other values​​, including the strength and dominance of a common Oriental dragon. Dragon whole body exudes grace and a great tension from the long reaching legs, head held high, look out for the possible burning fiery spirit to conquer the civilized values ​​of ancient oriental .
In modern building architecture and feng shui, Dragon remains an iconic figure is full of strength, majesty, nice.
Dragon at the top of a pagoda.
Villa and house gates still to be be decorated with the Dragon according to the interests of the owner, as well as with the notion that modern feng shui. It is believed that the image of the dragon will bring good luck, health and happiness for the owner, symbolizes the power and advancement in career.
Medal of Dragon and Phoenix - ASUZAC Aluminum Cast.
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