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New ideas for designing the gate of your house

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

New ideas for designing the gate of your house

New ideas for designing the gate of your house
New some new ideas to decorate your house and design your gate ? Read this and become creative !

Designing of the gate is especially important in increasing the beauty and unity to the whole house. Gates is the transitional space, creates some buffer between the outside yard. Take care of style, colour and size of them will make our house become more beatiful.

Gates have a key role throughout the structure, the transfer between the space - the internal structure and external environment.

Color tones of the gate should be the same with house, should not take too much color as opposed


Beautiful gate - Beautiful house

Today, the design and selection base on the demand of consumers, rather than merely towards the "massive" and "ultra durable" gates. A new trend today is towards the the simple design of harmony. The patterns, textures designed not too fussy but still eye-catching and sophisticated. In addition, natural elements,the green trees are used to make the space around the gates become "soft" and more open.


Separate natural connection between the gate and create effective especially at night when you cleverly arranged more lamps throwing light source hidden in the bushes to light one port mirroring, create some lighting effects with visual efficiency.

The villas have spacious garden, you should choose the little gate, while ensuring safe and often made of aluminum cast and painted as cool greens because this color harmony with the plants in the garden.

With homes built in the modern style with little details, home design trends usually simple selection of gate should be simple. Conversely, if the house is only small garden area will narrow vision usually limited, just use simple gates with the spokes are not too big.

With the small house to live in the countryside, close to nature - usually in the suburbs, with wide spaces, do not put emphasis on the security gate just as simple, with the only the boundaries that distinguish the area.


The house is designed in a European style, classic, homeowners often designed the gate with same style, alumini gate with floral motifs, overall layout and clear paint dark.



Aluminum Cast gate for the garden


Now, aluminum cast material often used to make the gate with more high-strength, workability, creating a diversity of styles, rust and varied in size and design.

The welds, colors are handled very carefully
Bending and Casting Technology today can make a lot more art in accordance with the design intent of the architect, created the charm, stylish elegance to every garden, house. In additional , aluminum cast gates will not be rusted or affected the life-time of the door. You can rest assured with this aluminum cast gates. The preparation, handling or antifouling welds are minimalist periodically, greatly reducing the cost of a part of the design and construction of the house.

The "flat" gates style

This is a very interesting way to create unique and impressive home gate. The 2013 was a year of many changes in the style of a series designed major brands. In particular, the design style "flat" to become a new trend is very popular and developed by major brands such as Apple, Microsoft or Intel.

A "flat" gate - The unique idea

So what happens if we bring design in "flat " to the gate and also the house, from the fence to the glass for your home? You can choose a simple design for your home, adorned with little plants, the architecture of the house also becomes commensurate with the port design. This makes your home beautiful and "exotic".

Hopefully with a few ideas, you can find a new design and beautiful for your gate.

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