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Beautiful garden with balcony

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Beautiful garden with balcony

Beautiful garden with balcony
Living at a city and have no space to make a garden ? Why not create it yourself at your balcony ?

Sometimes a little creativity will make your living space becomes more green and wide. Try to look at our suggestions: a small balcony garden.
Small garden at balcony
Create it when you have an idea about the house
Khu vườn nên được lên ý tưởng từ đầu
The idea to utilize balcony plants, creating romantic landscape should be designed as soon as the start of building. In house design drawings, you should tell it to architects to calculate load capacity, irrigation and drainage systems, the use of materials and methods for bearing good ... This balcony will help you more easily design and calculation for the small garden.
What about material ?
Due to be created at the balcony, our tiny gardens oftens suffer from harsh conditions outside so the material should be selected that to be able to withstand the impact of the environment such as sunlight, rain ...
Material for balcony garden should be chosen carefully
Besides that, material should be not too heavy and fit with the owner"s budget. Wood water-resistant, heat-resistant, ceramic or plastic art may be a hint for you in this case.
If the original design towards open make sure the wind and rain can not ruin the small garden. One idea is that you can use fencing or windshield, sometimes creating an interesting scene.
What the kind of plants ?
It is also very important for clear space on my balcony to take only small area and is not suitable for large trees, with widespread ...
My advice for you is to choose plants small, consistent with the actual area of ​​balcony space. Moreover, the need to find out if it is hydrophilic crops, good wind or high light ... If you simply make you house becomes green, the Kalanchoe pinnata will be the good choice. This plant is well adapted, more easy to care for and also very beatiful.
Tiny and beautiful
If you like a classic style, the ornamental plants that, bonsai may be another option. If you choose them, they must be very attentive and careful, because they really are the "noble fastidious man".
Bonsai - The noble tree.
In addition to creating harmony for the small garden balcony where you can consult with the architect about creating feng shui for the garden . The gardens are adorned with unique features such as stylized design small water tank, creating scenic seating, proper ventilation summerhouse ...
Sắp xếp chậu cảnh hợp lý
Balcony area is restricted in the limit space, so in addition, do not select the plants that take up too much area. You need to know how to arrange the,, does not occupy much space. If that combination arrangement, you can even have a tea table next to our little garden on balcony.
Just do not get too many plants will cause glitzy or too difficult to care for and fills the area to decorate.
If you still want more trees even more, try the mini pots hanging from the balcony. A "miniature Babylon" is not a bad idea, right? However, you must sure that nothing can falling down!
"Miniature Babylon"
More creative - More Beautiful
And again, the creative is unlimited. What about hanging pots? And vines? They are not only the thing that decorates your house, but also a solution to save your space for another.
A few pots on a balcony hanging vines will not occupy the land, but still provide shade and natural colors for the living space.
Vines and hanging pots
Thanks for your reading.
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