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Gates and fence for tube shaped

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Gates and fence for tube shaped

Gates and fence for tube shaped
The houses in urban areas often have small front and deep inside. We can call the house is shaped like a tube. So the gates and the fence should be designed carefully to provide not only beautyful view but also logical construction.

Due to advantages over the depth of the house, we can take advantage of to make a small courtyard space, creating distance between the fence and the house. The spacious house with garden fence often choose to create an airy low for the garden, on the contrary, the tube shaped should choose a high fence to ensure privacy inside the campus.

However, with few conditions mentioned, you can still choose the low fence for your home, and the best is the little fence, pieces. The reason is the narrow front, we should not choose the fence too thick, coarse ... disfiguring house facade.

Currently, there are many designs and materials dedicated to the fence of tube shaped house. Cast aluminum fence can be a good choice to equip your home. This material is not only lightweight, easily manipulated form that helped bring the beauty and sophistication, but also ensure the durability of the product as to avoid external factors causing rust.

Rusted fence - gates

The height of the fence should also be considered as appropriate. We should take care of harmonize structure of the house, which sometimes affects the whole neighborhood. The height of the fence should be equivalent to the parties, if the little fence should not be combined with wall molding, causes feeling of uncomfortable. Instead, plant more trees both inside and outside the home will help the space more airy and fresh.

If you choose to cast aluminum as the material for your fence, you can choose white stone wall for the fence, it will keep a parallel structure, to maintain the open feeling of the house. Avoid large blocks can obscure view of the front of the house.

About the color, antique brown or white are usually chosen for the new house. Antique dark may suitable for European style, bulky, usually in tone color combination of gate - door. As for the tubes shaped, white would be more appropriate.The house will become more friendly. And if you provide some plants or green vines, your house will be the idol of the town.

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