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Design and interior balcony - What to do

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Design and interior balcony - What to do

Design and interior balcony - What to do
Most homes built today have floors and balconies to extend the space for the house, and also a place of rest, relaxation of the family.So, what is well designed layout and balconies to give the impression aesthetically beautiful and in terms of feng shui harmony.

For small house, condominium or town home, the balcony has become indispensable. For many families, this is not just a place to house newly expanded. If the layout is good, the balcony becomes where the whole family to relax. Thus making decorations, balcony design, then we should have to have certain preparation can ensure aesthetic factors particular to the balcony and the house in general, just to maintain the harmony in fengshui, to indoor air is always fun, comfortable.

Water drainage should be considered

Balconies are usually made towards the outside the house, so whhen designing, we need to pay attention to the drainage plan for the balcony when it rains. The solution is simple but the best, which is the original design that slope outward, so when there is rain, the water will not spill on the house. In addition, you should also use separate drainage pipes, plastic grill or guttering to prevent drop straight down to the water below. If you have coupled with a balcony room in any home, you should have a plan harmonious layout, space seamlessly between the two. This space will be more smooth and harmonious.

Small flowers and potted plants in the balcony

Planting more trees, putting pot in the balcony scene not only help people living in the house is breathing fresh air, get closer to nature, but also helps to balance yin and yang elements for your home. On the balcony, you should plant flowering trees, vines has helped increase the space airy and beauty to the house. Basically, we can still create green space and fresh air, but also quite compact for ease of layout in small spaces such as balconies. The planting of trees and flowers here can also contribute to improving people"s hearts are more comfortable and pleasant.
Besides, the main feature of the scenic balconies and clotheslines. Therefore, we should also ban the cleaning staff clean up, simple furniture layout, not too messy things big and heavy to be a well-ventilated space, fresh air and good light.

Beautiful flooring

Balcony is where people regularly out on. The selection of beautiful tiles can help you easily cleaned, clean and friendly create beauty for people to sit in the balcony. In particular, when used as a balcony small tea room, the more you should pay attention to the cleaning so that you are always clean, avoid the bad air entering the house. In addition to flooring, you can build shelves around the edge of the balcony to help save energy lines longer, increasing prosperity for the family.

Suitable light source

If your balcony is provided proper lighting, even a little creative with light shimmering space will become really romantic. If you love this space, you can install in the position to create space art such as wall lights, lamps sneezing ... Balcony space as well as in the home will always get much better when air transportation is always enough light here.
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