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Decorating Balcony - Mistakes to avoid

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Decorating Balcony - Mistakes to avoid

Decorating Balcony - Mistakes to avoid
Whether small or large balconies are part of the design can not be separated from the overall house.

Whether small or large balconies are part of the design that can not be separated from the overall house. To be able to do good balconies role of open space in harmony with the architecture and surrounding, there are some things that all we should be avoided.

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No funiture for balcony

Ảnh minh hoạ

Like all the rooms in the house, the balcony also has "rights" have furniture. The object of this suit is not only functional, but also brings the balconies to the "coherent" for this architectural space. Before choosing the furniture, the employer should consider about how to use them appropriately on the balcony.

For example, can choose the small salon combined with the small pots or flower beds to form a mini park. This space can be reserved for a snack or an ideal place to relax after hard working.

Do not make unique style for balcony

Employers should create a separate style decoration for balcony. It could be the same with the rest of the house or create a contrast with the original design. It can create an atmosphere of natural style, meditation, combined Eurasian modern antique, rustic ...

The selection of decorations are also important, the current cast aluminum balcony brings the beautiful texture and plenty to choose from. You can try these textures from simple to sophisticated. You can try to refer to a pattern of balconies.

Skip decorative accessories

Decorative Accessories also play an important role for the balcony. They allow "makeup" meticulous and bring to a pleasant balcony. Simplicity can be beautiful pillows on the sofas, small decorative items like a wind chime is suitable for those who prefer the gentle romance.

Also do not hesitate to create a miniature vegetation or flowers from the garden pretty, just bring cool air, while ensuring the privacy and space, to avoid the prying eyes of the outside. You can try to create a balcony garden at home.

Don"t have lighting system

Balconies should be an open space during the day, the light is always full supply. But when night falls, this space needed light source to illuminate the surroundings.

Can take advantage of the theater lights go out in the layout of the light bulb reasonable direction. If the conditional use systems for solar lamp lights will be energized throughout the day. Also can not use lanterns, lantern, or a few candles on the table, the corner help homeowners enjoy the evening with a romantic space.

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