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Some Feng Shui tips for stair

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Some Feng Shui tips for stair

Some Feng Shui tips for stair
Some feng shui problems should pay attention to when designing stairs for your house.
Stairs is stepping connecting rooms in the house, the air from the floor to the other floors. So, in addition to ensuring the stairs airy, well-lit house, it should be noted feng shui design.

Stairs are the space transportation to get to the floor, the room in the house. In feng shui science, the stairs are the backbone of the home and where air movement is strong, continuous flow air spread to take away the floor of the house.

Should not be placed between the stairs. Currently, there are many stairs spiral layout that runs from top to bottom at the center. In terms of feng shui, this is not good architecture, making homeowners more susceptible to cardiovascular disease or with obstacles at work. According to the conception of the ancients, would be good if the stairs are winding shape dragon roll.

Stairs point to the front door good exhaust, but cash flow will "lose". You can fix by bending the first few levels, has recently incorporated stylized feng shui.

But according to traditional feng shui concept, the Chinese often noticed stairs in tall buildings. First place towards staircase well, homeowners were favored, but if the top of the stairs slipped right down the road, the front door of the house is a great rider.
Feng Shui theories are often based on image, icon , in case the landing straight out the front door, the door will open as the mouth is open. The owner lives in the house that is often scattered and amortization, loss of money. Also, people who live in that house or ideology, tended to live outside rather than indoors.
Meet this case, depending on the layout of the house, can resolve by using reflective mirrors or using pots, pipe, air fronts ... to defer payment for this bridge.

Stair "s where they gather and mobilize resources. So avoid the door on top of bed , or underneath the kitchen. This monument is for the staircase in the middle as this will cause disaster for homeowners. It is often placed in their own corner stair.
The area must have sufficient stair light, this will attract a lot of air leads to the floor. If the narrow staircase, you just hang a large mirror to expand the staircase effect on image in feng shui.
Steps must be completely sealed, consecutively, with no gaps between the steps. This ensures that the family finances would not be lost. So, if there are stairs in the hole in the middle of the level, use plywood to seal them.

The space under the stairs to empty , or can arrange the aquarium bonsai based small staircase. Here"s how to create the mighty stairs.

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