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[Furniture] Nice house to welcome new year

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

[Furniture] Nice house to welcome new year

[Furniture] Nice house to welcome new year
New year is coming. Let\"s do something to welcome the spring to your home.
At the end of the year, we should clean the house, decorate the interior to bring our house a little more color of the spring. Clean and beautiful is always two elements in parallel. Try to refer to the article below for the best possible preparation for their loved home okay.

Living Room

Almost is the most important room of the house, this is the area have taken great pains to clean, decorated in your house. So instead of burlap - phase or varnish fight for the living room furniture. Then rotate a little direction needed furniture to create a sense of a new space, of course, add a vase is indispensable. In the dead in the corner, you can put a wooden pedestal and decorative lights, flowers or mementos.

Bed Room

Need external luminescence if a garden window. Clean off all miscellaneous items not in use, store them in warehouses to large airy bedroom more. When you want to change the bed position, you need to pay attention if there is no agreement feng shui, it is best not to turn the bed to the door or window. Replace the new drapes or curtains. These items will bring you more fresh feeling of the house.


Kitchen is a very difficult place to clean or change the look These items are usually fixed as kitchen, refrigerator, dining table... so rearranging kitchen usually can not and should not do . Instead, you just divide all the kitchen utensils, each compartment, the less used items to give to the most hidden compartment. Adding decorative accents for the kitchen table as replacement lamps, flower growing outside the kitchen window, replaced by colored tablecloth eat more fresh.


Toilet do not need to change much. Just fresh air, clean as you saw the other. However, if the space is large, you should put on such an array of natural stones, rocks, trees or small and cute things to hang on doorknobs, toilet as fragrant bag, the bear, rabbit... or paint should the brick wall behind the toilet because this area is usually a time using stain.

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