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Fengshui in interior design

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Fengshui in interior design

Fengshui in interior design
A little combination of Feng Shui elements may help your living space comfortable and more beautiful.

There are five elements in feng shui : metal, wood , water, fire and earth . Each element has its own characteristics and collectively , help bring energy to the room of your house.

1. Wood
Wood represents the power plants of the development , the symbol of the birth , growing up , flexible and sensitive . Jupiter creates the power of creativity and development . It represents the birth , growing up , flexible and sensitive . Too many rustic elements will make you feel claustrophobic , feeling not always proactive , lack of creativity and overly rigid .
Conversely , if too few factors that will make you feel frustrated , stagnant and ideological conflicts . When it comes to a room with rustic elements refers to the fresh flowers , plants , flowers , native materials like natural cotton , and of course the wooden furniture .
Jupiter is featured color of green or blue , you can select objects with two colors for this logo design.
2. Fire

Use the fire element in the interior is the way to help increase the excitement . Feng shui elements also brings inspiration and a bit reckless . Using too much fire element will make residents feel frustrated , angry , uncontrolled behavior ...
Conversely , when there is too little , will make everything become superficial , lacking inspiration . To increase the fire element in a room , you should arrange the candles , the warm lights and if possible let sunlight penetrate . Any color that has come from red , pink or purple , the electronics equipment such as photos of animals and ... are representative of the fire element.
3. Earth
Factors affecting Aboriginal health , create a sense of calm and balance . When using too much space to live in , people will fall into heavy emotions , dull , sluggish . And vice versa , the occupants will feel confused, chaotic and unfocused .
Territorial elements will bring your house through the images on the ground, rocks , with colors like brown , green or sand , the square and rectangular shapes , thin and flat surface with the picture landscape.
4. Metal

Metallic elements reflect transparency and logic. The presence of metal materials in a living space, which gives us the feeling neat, tidy... But when too much , will form the amorphous , with no ability to control themselves . And vice versa , the feeling is easy to notice the cold and lack of concentration. In the absence of the metallic elements will feel dull, distant, solitary, apart easily.
To identify factors needles , let"s go to the circle or oval , any factors relating to metals such as iron, steel , gold, silver or aluminum, stones, white, scored, silver or other light color tones.
5. Water

The balance in the use of hydraulic elements will bring feeling of excitement , and deep in thought and action. Too many factors will create an aquatic feel buried , heavy ... Meanwhile , if too little , the space will become lonely , isolated ...
Marine life in space is expressed through black and other dark tones , taking into account things like mirror reflective materials reflect light can ... The shape of the form factor is pox free , asymmetric , water and water-related factors , such as fish tanks or fountains.

Edited by ASUZAC ACM.
English version provided by Google Translator.

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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