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Fence - Protection and Decoration

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Fence - Protection and Decoration

Fence - Protection and Decoration
Combine protection and decoration to the fence
Basic functions and most important of fence is of course to protect the house. Aluminum cast fence allows you to choose from many styles and designs, but must always ensure outsiders can not prevade into the house. The pattern should be designed vertically instead of horizontally, to avoid facilitate people who want to climb over. The height should be just enough to prevent intrusion but still in harmony with the general perspective of the whole house.

Depending on the architecture or the interests of the house owner, the fence can ne designed in style classic or modern, green or " cool " ...

The second factor is the aesthetics of the fence. The combination of both, safe and aesthetics, for the fence total harmony with the general architecture requires a lot of investment of the house owner.

Fences is the first place we see when observing a house. Therefore, sometimes the architect does not pay attention that bad fences also affect nicer home behind.

Material is also quite common metal fencing for the garden house , which now common is aluminum alloy. When using aluminum, you can choose your favorite color , such as the same color paint the entire door and indoor or also painted white to create a more Western style. In addition, to make aluminum fence does not become an invisible barrier, try to planting more trees or shrubs climbing at fence foot.

Imitation stone concrete material can also be a great suggestion when fencing. This material is quite more preferred because it offers natural beauty and distinct. To increase seem more natural, wild and seem less drab fence, can plant some trees at the foot of fence.

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