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Decorating balcony - Somethings should do

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Decorating balcony - Somethings should do

Decorating balcony - Somethings should do
Decorating balcony - Somethings should do
A beautiful balcony is not only bring impressive aesthetically beautiful, but also in terms of feng shui harmony.
Balconies are an integral part of the house, especially for the house with the narrow space like townhouse or apartment. Balcony is also where family members together to relax, drink tea, enjoy the relaxing , fresh air balance the daily life. So when designing the house, you should pay attention to this important expansion space and ensure that balcony beautiful and harmonious feng shui.

Alumium cast balcony

The first thing to pay attention when designing balcony is always drains, avoid flooding when the rain and wind. The balcony should have a certain slope, while the pipe, free to lead the water to the outside. If you setup the balcony closely with any room in the house, you should have a plan harmonious layout, space seamlessly between the two. This will help family harmony, happier.

Planting flowers , small potted plants in the balcony
Bringing green plants for our living space is always a great idea. Breathe the fresh atmosphere at your homes, planting trees also helps to balance yin and yang elements for your home. On the balcony, you should plant flowering trees, vines has helped increase the space airy and beauty to homes, large or small , depending on space and preferences select appropriate plants. The planting of trees and flowers in the balcony can also contribute to improvement of human mood is more relaxed and pleasant.

Besides, outside balcony to admire the effect was also requisitioned for drying clothes. So, this place should be clean, simple furniture layout to be a well-ventilated space, fresh air and good light.

Beautiful flooring
Balcony is where people regularly out on. The selection of beautiful tiles can help you to easily clean, clean and friendly create beauty for everyone to sit in the balcony. More skillful, balcony also be arranged as a place to drink tea, breakfast of the house. It is therefore designed to avoid the bad air going into the house. In addition to flooring, you can build shelves around balcony ledge helps save energy flow longer, increasing prosperity for the family.

Arranging appropriate light source
One of the elements that make up a shimmering, romantic balcony that is the presence of light. If you love this space, you can install in the position to create space art as wall lamps, lamp casts ... Balcony space as well as in the home will always get much better when air transportation is always enough light here.

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