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Clean house according to Feng Shui for Tet

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:47

Clean house according to Feng Shui for Tet

Clean house according to Feng Shui for Tet
Prepair somethings for Tet, beautiful and according to Feng Shui.

Many families also hastily moved to a new home before the New Year. Beauty for homes last year is quite diverse and thus should have a few notes to avoid distorting the space as well as feng shui, reducing costly and tiring.

Most people in such general or cabinet, furniture stick placed along the wall, placed in pairs, symmetrically arranged on the living room wall neglecting the central supply, often the travel sector, the gap between the room, skylights or stair shaft. The main living areas not often this attraction gas and vision led to fresh interiors.

Therefore, should clean stairwells, enhanced lighting and can add decorations like statues, flower pots small for the area . For apartments, the intersection point is often through the room, as an accent rug or taking pictures, ceramic vase ( of territory, taking into neutral ) potted superficial world... as well as measures possible to create a Central Supply and vivid bright new year.

Windowsills, stairs, main entrance door ... which is where the air intake and exhaust daily, new furniture when they should create new shades by the Judicial decoration or landscape.
dọn nhà đón tết, phong thủy, Tết Việt, nhà đẹp

The priority items for the transition region is often wrong or carbon potted plants bear beautiful shade of stone or copper Huu, pictures couplets, stickers mascot of the year, hanging lanterns.
It should be noted lighting elements and corresponding sound for exhibits, using more lights, waterfall set, feng shui lu gurgling water, hang wind chimes, flute pipes to stimulate proliferation and circulation of air in the house.

For the worship area, use a wet paper towel to wipe off the dust object ( God of Wealth , earth spirits ) or a photo on the altar. However, should limit moving objects, images , and do not use a mop. Next, a compact altar to follow rational principle: always put incense bowl remote object/image the most , that is close to the best incense, approximately in the middle of the water used for presentation, tea, wine, vase or fruit tray when offered. For much of the incense, the offering on December 30 to burn incense foot section of the old year, keep in mind that not be thrown in the trash.
dọn nhà đón tết, phong thủy, Tết Việt, nhà đẹp
According to feng shui, moving cavalry perspective on the altar of incense bowl is not true. In fact, the polished copper burners, incense bowl on holiday, Tet has shown both a solemn "new procession accompanied the former".

This is where the need to embellish the holiday by frequent this area will focus in the new year. It should have a stable seat of the owner to easily take care of the outside. Additional items of decorative just as effective as using a tissue box, wine rack , tea tray ...
dọn nhà đón tết, phong thủy, Tết Việt, nhà đẹp

Avoid arbitrary arrangement where style meets sat there, while the visitors will be more cumbersome and inconvenient. It should also be planned space for playful children, so less can take a few belongings have sharp corners for freeing up space and avoid dangerous for children on the occasion of Tet.

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