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Why choose Japanese aluminum cast ?

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Why choose Japanese aluminum cast ?

Why choose Japanese aluminum cast ?
Aluminum casting gate are becoming more popular in the current construction works in Vietnam, gradually replacing the wooden gate, iron ... as an inevitable trend. The characteristics of this material gives more choices, as well as adapt to the higher demands of consumers.

But such data means that all cast aluminum products or villa gate aluminum castings are the same quality?And the difference in whether technology brings advantages to the product of the ASUZAC ACM - Japanese cast aluminum - which other brands can not be?
Process Process V-proprietary.
For most consumers, the V-Process is the first point to distinguish ASUZAC ACM products with other brands.
As a major process technology by corporations ASUZAC research and development, V-Process lets make aluminum products in a completely closed system.This gives the characteristic points from ASUZAC ACM cast aluminum, with Japanese technology.

Moreover, the vacuum casting method allows thin film surfaces of molded product becomes finer, no porosity, good performance and precision patterns designed initially.ASUZAC ACM technology will realize ideas for your home.
3D Technology - Design your ideas
Highlight the second largest in the ASUZAC ACM technology to serve its customers, including prototyping technology is designed as "preview".
With many years" experience in the design and production of interior decoration, ACM ASUZAC always gives customers the choice of designs available, along with advice from experts in the field is architecture, design.

However, if the customer requests a particular style for your house, villa gate made ​​with patterns, designs and colors completely separate, ACM ASUZAC 3D technology allows the implementation of This a quick and convenient way for our customers.
This technology will help you foresee your lovely house will look like when construction is complete, the Communist Party has understood exactly as the original customer wants.
With 3D technology, you can easily create with ACM ASUZAC house according to their own preferences.
Material cast aluminum - the perfect alternative
Another advantage that the products have been ASUZAC ACM, it is the quality of cast aluminum material.
As mentioned above, the vacuum casting technology processes standard V-Process Japanese technology makes cast aluminum Auzac big difference compared to other brands.
Form is a leaf casting.The leaves are very small, so when the cast are shown in great detail
Process automation helps produce products quickly, always keep the customer schedule.
At the same time, machining, surface treatment that applies ASUZAC ACM eliminates almost completely the adverse impact on the environment in the long term product use, iron products which can not be especially anti-rust properties.
With the growing desire to improve the quality of products that ASUZAC ACM gives customers technical requirements, processes, materials and technology is always improving and innovation.
Let ASUZAC ACM build your own house!
There are many brands on the market offers cast aluminum gates , yet only ASUZAC ACM is the only Japanese brand of die-cast aluminum.To avoid confusion unfortunately happened, would you please note.

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ASUZAC ACM, aluminum castings from Japan.

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