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Uchiwa Villa gates - New winds for your house

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Uchiwa Villa gates - New winds for your house

Uchiwa Villa gates - New winds for your house
During the construction, the gate and the door is always of particular interest to the owner when designing it.
Gate is not only aimed at the safety of the house but also the important point about aesthetics, the overall impact to the overall architecture and feng shui for your home.

So, Uchiwa Villa gates to be launched to meet the actual needs of the customer. This new product is designed based on the principle of harmony between architectural aesthetics and feng shui.

This is a latest sample of ASUZAC ACM designed entirely based on 3D simulation technology. Though based on the
villa gates Gosanjo very famous, but along with the acquisition, the new design to meet the increasingly demands of customers.
Gosanjo villa gates - ASUZAC ACM
The structure of the product is not streamlined too picky; sparse format allows terminally uchiwa model most consistent with the current building style, townhouses and villas. This product can be combined with architectural garden to create "cool" place in space.

In addition, if your house has narrow front, Uchiwa gate will also becomes fit the overall structure, does not occupy too much space cause suffocating inside the house.

For customers who are interested in feng shui elements, Uchiwa will also satisfied them. Main pattern as well as the decorative lines of products are created based on the harmony of feng shui, brings a new wind to your home.

Next time, ASUZAC ACM will continue to launch more products based on the technology of 3D design.

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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