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The plants good for house

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

The plants good for house

The plants good for house

So you have been wondering : Are there some kinds of plants grown indoors that will bring fortune to house owner ? What is that tree ?

Cây phong thuỷ cho ngôi nhà
Fengshui plant.

According to Mr.Tran Hoang Minh, a bonsai expert said : Since ancient times , our ancestors have shown a variety of plants that are believed to bring good things when grown indoors . For more relevant in the sense that each plant brings , we are grouping them in each diffirent type .

Hoa mai tứ quý

Currently, the trend of " playing " bonsai people also gradually changing . The trees in the garden , is the indispensable factor , whether the owner is and build that house where. In feng shui concepts for this tree was more or less different . One of many crops because of the sense of lush vegetation brings comfort, help more harmonious relationships within the family.

Furthermore , the plant called prosperous , bring calm to the owner may also be planted rather than some others bonsai type. Plants such name as the" God of Wealth" , .... more popular .

Cây khế trong phong thuỷ

From here, we can see that, in feng shui plants still play a role. However, this concept can not be verified as true or not , but it does have the effect of encouraging people , peace of mind and confidence in life and business .

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