The month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM 2014

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:50

The month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM 2014

The month of Quality - ASUZAC ACM 2014
Some pictures of the month of Quality, November 2014, ASUZAC ACM
Recently,11.20.2014,all membersASUZACACMcompanyconductedqualityimplementationannually.
Productsarealuminumcastingsvillagates, fences,balconies, stairs...the quality ofthe productisvery important
factorbecause it will affect overall project.

New quality slogan of ASUZAC ACM :"Quality value creating new growth."

Novemberis the month of quality, focusfor theinspection,controlandquality improvement.All phasesfromdesign,modeling,manufacturinguntilthefinal stagestobring productstocustomerssuch aspackingand transportationarecontrolledandtimelyimprovements.
Representatives of thedepartmentparticipated inthe report,while providingconsistentimprovementsin the future.

New General director also participated inthe meeting,sharingof the quality control methodand how to improveproduct quality.

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