Processing and material - The factors of Aluminum Casting quality

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:50

Processing and material - The factors of Aluminum Casting quality

Processing and material - The factors of Aluminum Casting quality

Aluminum products market in recent years become more active due to the demand for this kind of product cast aluminum door gate , gate villas have increased.
One of the factors related to changes in the tastes of customers for aluminum casting products, it is the quality factor. Over time use, the aluminum casting has demonstrated its superiority before many other common materials such as iron, stainless steel, wood ....

A product of ASUZAC ACM at Phnompenh - Cambodia.

Demand for consumer products tend to grow, but it seems saturated toward product sourcing. The main reason is because state enterprises are rushing to make aluminum casting products.

Inside the factory of ASUZAC ACM.

From an economic perspective, cast aluminum products market is a good opportunity for many businesses reach consumers. However, an insufficient number of potential units on facilities, materials and processes are not professional enough to make up look somewhat bad for aluminum cast product line.

Aluminum purification process - AUSZAC ACM.

This affects the quality of the product finished aluminum castings, and many impurities, bubbles. This reduces the reliability of the product, easy to fracture during operation and use.

Bubble inside a cast aluminum products of unknown origin fractured.

In addition, many companies operating in the form of trade and not capable of producing, accidentally causing the selling price to final customers were increased, leading to a feeling of "luxury and expensive" for the casting aluminum products, because the products they offer to customers through 3rd party manufacturing quality is often inadequate for the price.

Sections of cast aluminum products from ASUZAC ACM.
Aluminum ingots produced from pure, according to JIS sunspot The AC3 ACM ASUZAC products guaranteed from raw materials to the casting process.

ASUZAC ACM using aluminum ingot to manufacture products.

Industrial Furnaces help annealing material, then proceed with creating slag powder Flux helps purify the product.
Hoping to share this article on the ASUZAC from ACM, the more our customers can have some useful information to choose the best cast aluminum products at reasonable prices.

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