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Lear more about the processing of 3D design

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Lear more about the processing of 3D design

Lear more about the processing of 3D design
Have you ever wondered, how a 3D design process for a product happen ?
Last time, after the expansion of 3D design technology to create models of products in the customer requirements, ASUZAC ACM continued improvement our process and technology to better serve the demand of customers.

In a bid to help you gain a better understanding of how the product was made in 3D systems , as well as perspective, we will introduce the basic content so readers can grasp content more accurate and simple. This article presents the basic steps when conducting 3D villa gate design .
The first step is to conduct sampling design and patterns. We always provide plenty nice design and impressive facilities for customer choice. Of course, if customers need to design their own style and pattern, design department will quickly receive and process the request.

After selection and consistency are the specifications of the product, the process of designing and prototyping are conducted at the same time.
Sample products will be drawing in the basic line. This step is like building " skeleton " for this product .

The first step of products" design .

When the outline is complete , the product is passed through second step, which is create block - size for the sample. This phase will create thick-thin, curving or flat of the product. The detail is designed to ensure the durability criteria of the product, but also to meet the aesthetic , as well as saving materials at the highest level.

When drawing step is finished, the third, to "make-up" the product, will begin. The 3D engine again maximize its utility at this stage .

The product will be coated surface materials , color schemes in emulation. From there , customers can preview their ideas are designed. This makes it easier to visualize and more accurate picture of how the house will be constructed before .

Cổng biệt thự Gosanjo Mix 3D
Gosanjo Mix villa gates in 3D .

In addition, if the customer has the housedesign , 3D design allows panoramic graphics house after construction. This is one of the advantages that we aim to apply the technology for 3D design products ..

Cổng biệt thự Gosanjo Mix

All angles of the product are subject to the detailed and accurate 3D technology. Customers can refer the sample video about Gosanjo Mix at the following link :
With this article, we hope customers can learn more about the technologies that ASUZAC ACM use and provides to ourcustomer . Wishing you soon get the house like that.

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