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Interior - Choosing stair for your house

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Interior - Choosing stair for your house

Interior - Choosing stair for your house
What is your choice when choosing stair for your house ? Straight or Circular stair ?
Straight stairs are often designed straight into one or more segments, depending on the structure and the width of the house. The intersection of these segments are generally designed to make landing transition structure, as well as more convenient for travel. The downside of this type of straight stairs , that area is that it is quite occupied homes, as well as in many places around dark stairwells and difficult to utilize .

In contrast, circular staircase is only around a single axis. This type of stair is basically suitable for homes with small space, or to optimum of the architectural space. Despite the advantages of such a compact, circular stairs is also caused little difficulty when moving, as well as the need to carry something belongings upstairs.

Straight staircase with simple design, it is easier to build. This type of stair make sense boxy, steadying for the house. If you need to optimum the space in your house, using the empty space below the stairs is an ideal place of storage. Just add a sliding door and a compact light inside, you"ve got a mini warehouse. If designed well, the stair will be a linear bar highlights the impressive decorative corner room of your house. Or you can use the stairs instead of the partition wall space with kitchen and living room and another space deeper inside the house .

Cầu thang nhôm Asuzac
Asuzac aluminum stair.

Circular stair with a single block structure, just hugging and save a pivot area should generally very easy to arrange in-house. Helical structure of circular stairs always make sense for aesthetics home and help create a clear vision . The downside is that the ability to disperse air conditioning in the rooms are not as common staircase. But the spiral staircase is the right choice for the narrow city house.

Design stairs , external factors of location and scale design , other factors that you have to pay attention to many that the size of the components of the stairs . For spiral stairs , circular stairs , it must reach a diameter of 1.5-2 m . Cabin stairs too tight will create discomfort when moving .

Each period of not more than 16 months if the order will cause fatigue as up and down. Each laddershould be designed in 23-30 cm depth, height 15-18 cm. Slope global scale is considered standard when not exceed 30 degrees. If higher, will cause feelings of fatigue and psychological reluctant to down .

Hopefully the article will give you more options for your home interiors.
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