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Beautiful garden for narrow house

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Beautiful garden for narrow house

Beautiful garden for narrow house
Don\"t let the disadvantage of space make your life have no green tree.

No need to have big garden, just a small front yard and a narrow walkway entrance to your house, you can also create a peaceful green yard.

If you can take care of them, sometimes only a few small bushes edging walkways , some flowering vines on the wall petite enough to paint town green garden space .
1 . Green gardens with lush fern and climbing flowers

Narrow courtyard from the entrance door looks like a perfectly nice garden with green fern bushes edging the two paths. Flowering vines have covered the garden fence and start up wood beams overhead , promising a fresh flower truss.

2 . Stairs of flowers and vines

One corner of the stairs suddenly became rough corners smoother garden with abundant flowers and vines , and the highlight of the house where the owner shows passion flowers.

3. Big root in house garden
A large tree at the end of the corridor to become the focal point for home gardens and narrow streets make it look as deep and add up.

4. Stylish pots for narrow garden
The green stylish pots of this ladder to bring the narrow garden neat that seem fresh.

5 . Smooth blue stone stairs flowers

Paved walkway large rocks through narrow garden look more soft shrub with tiny leaves and vines border sides lined wall blue .

6. A small green garden in narrow house
The space is very small and narrow house was designed as extremely interesting garden with stone flooring , stone balls and countless species of beautiful trees in pots along the paved walkways

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