The producer and development in the V-Process molding technology

1971 develop the molding industry by V-Process technology with molding pattern technique from vacuum.
1972 start management professional skill on the patent license focusing on V-Process molding technology.

Product quality under Japanese standards

About the quality, we set up the strict quality management system to assurance quality based on improving the completeness of each stage in order to meet different needs of customers.

Advantages: anti-corrosion, no rust

Material by Aluminum: In the natural environment, the aluminum surface is self-formed an oxidation layer with a strict and stable structure which against surface corrosion.

A smooth and beautiful Aluminum surface

The V-Process technology creates a smooth and sophisticated surface of molding Aluminum products that is suitable for décor. This is the perfect technology and there is no one else can compare with.

ASUZAC ACM Company in charge of Design-Mold-Paint and delivery to the customer

ASUZAC always meet the customer’s needs consistently.
Customers please feel free to communicate and discuss with us.

Able to meet any requirement of customers

By V-Process, we can manufacture many products with complex pattern shapes but retain sharpness and accuracy of the product’s pattern.

Able to meet in the shortest period

Based on consistency in production, we set up a production process with the shortest time.

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