About Us

Through research & development program undertaken jointly with the Industrial Research Institute of Nagano Prefecture, ASUZAC successfully developed what we call the "V-Process" (Vacuum Molding Process : Casting method by mold sealed in greatly reduced pressure) in 1972. The process of technique is designed to produce a casting mold by means of vacuum, using a plastic film as sealant. A revolutionary casting process, its patent has been licensed to over 150 enterprises in Japan and abroad.

The Space Engineering Division makes the most of the V-Process to develop and produce high-quality aluminum construction materials and interior/exterior materials. Our integrated in-house organization, from design through manufacture, allows us to realize textures and repeatability formerly unavailable from conventional construction materials. As such, our products are being used extensively in a variety of buildings and structures.


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Company Name:ASUZAC ACM Co., Ltd.
Add:No. 1A , St No.8, VietNam-Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province
Tel:(+84) 274-767136
Fax:(+84) 274-767137
Established:Apr 04 ,2005
Capital:USD 4.700.000
Scope of business:Aluminum Casting. Designing and manufacturing metal product for interior and exterior decoration.
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