Asuzac group history

1949Slate business started.
1966Precast concrete business started.
1967VICON concrete business started.
1970Iron casting and dry foods business started.
V-Process (Vacuum Sealed Molding) was invented with Industrial Research Institute of Nagano Prefecture.
1972Aluminum alloy casting business started.
1974Freeze-dried food business started.
1985Fine ceramics business started.
1995ASUZAC FOODS Co., Ltd. was Established.
Akita Co., Ltd. and Asahi Pre-Con Co., Ltd. and Akita Light Metal Co., Ltd. and Akita
Riken Co., Ltd. were merged to form ASUZAC Inc.
Asahi Foods Industry Co., Ltd. Company name changed to ASUZAC FOODS Inc.
1998Space Engineering Division was ISO9002-approved.
1999ASUZAC Inc. head office was ISO14001-approved.
2001ASUZAC Co., Ltd. was Established.
2002Fine Ceramics Division was ISO9002-approved.
Fine Ceramics Division was ISO9001:2000-approved.
Space Engineering Division was ISO9001:2000-approved.
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