die-cast aluminum park furniture (chairs, tables, gates, ...)

Saturday - 07/01/2023 14:09
Cast aluminum park tables and chairs are installed in the park to help people rest and relax. 
The park is a place to relax, have a family picnic, enjoy nature or exercise. 
create a better rest space for everyone.
Our products are made of die-cast aluminum, durable, easy to recycle, harmless to the environment and people, safe to use as children's play equipment.
cổng nhôm đúc
We can manufacture a wide range of products such as large gates, fences, canopy for rest areas, outdoor lighting, park benches and posts.
It is also possible to suggest a visual scheme after product installation.
We also accept old designs that suit the atmosphere of the park, so please feel free to contact us.
benchi 2
Die-cast aluminum bench
kurumatome 2
denchu cover 3
Utility column cover​​​​​​​
om1 1Big gate
shel1 1Rest space

For example, the design of the park's chair

This is an example of the design of a park bench.
Made of die-cast aluminum and it is very durable.
We have many different paint colors, so please feel free to contact us.

benchi 1
Dimensions of chair without backrest:
700 x 440 x 55
Weight: 11kg
benchi 3
benchi 4
benchi 5
benchi 2

Seat size with backrest:
860 x 820 x 55
Weight: 17kg

Example of a car parking boundary barrier design.

This is an example of a car stop design.
It's made of die-cast aluminum, so it's durable.
It can be used as a boundary between the park and the parking lot and the roadway.

kurumatome 4
kurumatome 2

Size 1:
1240 x 500 x 60
Weight: 24kg

Size 2:
1300 x 520 x 70
Weight: 15kg

kurumatome 3
kurumatome 1

An example of a very useful light bulb cap design

Here is an example of a lampshade cover design.
It's made of die-cast aluminum, so it's durable.
It can also be used as an accent and protection for the lamp post.

denchu cover 3
Size: Φ170 x 2000
Weight: 30

denchu cover 1denchu cover 2

Large gate design example

Here is an example of a large gate design.
It can be viewed here.om1 2

Design examples of rest spaces (shelter, pergola)

Here is an example of a rest space design (shelter, pergola).
shel1 3

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