Aluminum alloy bike rack

Friday - 06/01/2023 13:18
In bicycle parking lots at schools, railway stations, parks, apartment buildings, residential areas,... How will it stay organized with the die-cast aluminum garage rack?
For those of you who love your bikes, when you're at rest, you want to protect them and you need a simple, non-permanent and efficient storage solution. Die-cast aluminum bike racks are a popular new idea, but never duplicate, front or rear wheel holding solution. In contact with the tires only, the Die-cast Aluminum Bike Stand is an ideal solution for expensive road, cyclocross, MTB and electric bikes. And if you have several bikes, our design can be used to keep your bike and keep it neat and safe.
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We can design bike racks/bicycle bars in a variety of designs.
Please contact us for design consultation.
Here are some examples of bike rack designs that can block the rear tire of the bike
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We can also print your logo design, so please feel free to contact us.
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Outstanding advantages of die-cast aluminum bike racks

The product is compatible with all types of cycling water bottles and is suitable for all types of bicycles. Various colors to choose from for your car.
Because the product is cast with aluminum alloy, it is very sturdy and light when put into use.
Products can also be designed and painted in their own style.
There are various designs, such as simple and stylish, which can depend on the perspective of where it is installed, so please feel free to contact us.
We can also match product requirements to the actual product.
Molding is possible by reading the actual object with 3D scanning and generating 3D data.
If your product is damaged or you want a similar product that is no longer available in the market, please contact us immediately.

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