The village gate is the first point when arriving in the village, the boundary between the villages, between the village and the outside space. Over the years, the village gate is not only the boundary of the village, but has become a cultural symbol of the village. ASUZAC ACM is proud to be a partner to provide village gate samples in Que Vo Bac Ninh.


The gate of the village communal house is designed based on the idea of classical cultural architecture. The image of a turtle carrying a crane on its back symbolizes the harmony between heaven and earth, between yin and yang.
- From the Vietnamese point of view, Tortoise is a breed of reptile born with a very long life, often called an old man or a god. Tortoise has a solid image plus a long life time, so it is likened to a symbol of longevity. Besides, Tortoise is a person who rarely eats, has a good tolerance for hunger, so it is considered an escape.

- Legend has it that the crane is a fairy bird with a very long lifespan, in the book "Cau General" called the crane "unknown longevity" (life expectancy cannot be calculated) or "longevity tengu" (the crane species) live annually. ). . That is why, for generations, the image of cranes has been used as a wish, a wish for a long life.

In addition, the image of a crane standing on its back also means "longevity", most clearly expressing the desire for longevity, luck and health, which is the wish of descendants to ancestors. the center of the sphere. for the long-term development of happiness, convenience and prosperity.


villagate aluminum gate is applied modern V-Pro vacuum casting technology, which is super durable, not rusty, light in use, meeting Japanese technology standards. To have the most perfect product, Asuzac ACM has equipped with electrostatic spraying technology to help the product have true and sharp colors. The product can withstand many harsh environmental conditions. With strict production and testing process, ASUZAC ACM will bring customers the most perfect product.

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