Cast aluminum gate is known to be a product that is having a strong attraction to consumers today. To suit many models of townhouses, villas, mini-villas, apartments,... Asuzac ACM Company has constantly improved and developed more new product models suitable for many current house models. .

LUXURY cast aluminum gate project in Bac Ninh province

With the trust and support of customers, Asuzac ACM has designed and assembled a full set of LUXURY cast aluminum gates, LUXURY cast aluminum fences, BUCKINGHAM balconies.

LUXURY cast aluminum gate is a new gate model developed by ASUZAC ACM based on the idea of ​​​​taking flowers as the main pattern background, combined with protective bars to help keep the garden space cool and safe. The bottom of the aluminum gate is solidly cast with winding patterns that not only give the gate a high degree of certainty but also bring a perfect aesthetic. Surely this is a molded aluminum gate model that is suitable for many choices of customers.

LUXURY cast aluminum fence with eye-catching motifs, combined with round pillars, makes the fence strong and safe.

BUCKINGHAM DUBLE balcony is designed simply but no less firmly, helping the home of the owner to bring a luxurious and noble beauty.

Choose a color for cast aluminum gate

To ensure the aesthetics and suitability of your home. Asuzac ACM has constantly improved to create many new paint colors. With modern paint technology, customers can confidently choose the color model they want.

Here are some color models that are preferred by customers
The most used color is gold card, with matte black to form an attractive antique color. This product is very popular in neoclassical villas and high-rise buildings with large space. Paint on cast aluminum alloy is a premium coating product specifically for aluminum and its alloys. This type of paint has many outstanding advantages, especially the ability to super stick on aluminum without peeling and blistering.

Modern technology is applied to production at ASUZAC ACM

LUXURY cast aluminum gate is applied modern V-Pro vacuum aluminum casting technology, strict inspection and production process.

In addition, we also apply electrostatic painting technology to make the product more realistic, durable and suitable in many different temperature environments.

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We have a team of well-trained professional product and design consultants with many years of experience in consulting and designing cast aluminum gates, cast aluminum balconies, cast aluminum fences, accessories. cast aluminum, …

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