Standard electrotastic paint process of ASUZAC ACM

Standard electrotastic paint process of ASUZAC ACM
Painting is the final step of overall manufacture process. It provides the high high aesthetic,beautyproduct and customer also have more choice.
Cast aluminum antique villa gate

Paintandsurface treatmentmakes it possibleto increase the valueof the product,as wellasstrengthwithtime.
The surface oftheun-treated and paintedaluminumcasting-oxidized.
Notonlyensurethe aesthetic elements, surface treatmentandcoatingin accordance withstandardsalsomeanhuge,deeplyaffectingthe durabilityof the product.
Electrostaticpaint standard process

Electrostaticpaintstandardsprocessof AsuzacACM have 5 steps.Theproducthas acompletesurface treatment,durableandbeautifulcolor,increasedresistanceofproductsagainstadversenatural conditions.
Electrostaticpaintstandardsprocess - ASUZAC ACM.

Manual processingreducestheproductioncost.However, it also affects thequalityofthe paint.
The surfaceis manual paintedproductswill be lesssharp,reliable andminimizethe aestheticcompared tothepowder coatingproducts.

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