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Standard electrotastic paint process of ASUZAC ACM

Standard electrotastic paint process of ASUZAC ACM
Painting is the final step of overall manufacture process. It provides the high high aesthetic, beauty product and customer also have more choice.
Cast aluminum antique villa gate

Paint and surface treatment makes it possible to increase the value of the product, as well as strength with time.
The surface of the un-treated and painted aluminum casting - oxidized.
Not only ensure the aesthetic elements, surface treatment and coating in accordance with standards also mean huge, deeply affecting the durability of the product.
Electrostatic paint standard process

Electrostatic paint standards process of Asuzac ACM have 5 steps. The product has a complete surface treatment, durable and beautiful color, increased resistance of products against adverse natural conditions.
Electrostatic paint standards process - ASUZAC ACM.

Manual processing reduces the production cost. However, it also affects the quality of the paint.
The surface is manual painted products will be less sharp, reliable and minimize the aesthetic compared to the powder coating products.

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