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Experiments on chemical corrosion between aluminum and iron products

In order to improve the quality of their products, ASUZAC ACM recently completed experiments to clarify the differences in resistance to chemical corrosion between aluminum products and iron products, and demonstrate the effectiveness of vacuum casting process V-process.
Testing process lasted for 3 months, with environmental conditions are simulated according to the actual conditions that are often encountered products.
ASUZAC AMC cast aluminum products and a number of other common iron products are used in experiments. The process of surface treatment, painting techniques also affect the resistance of the finished product. Therefore products in various finishing degree can also be used to make better tolerance of the product.
- The details of the testing process:

 + First Month: Water and salt are used to express the impact of wet environments or coastal areas. Such external conditions often greatly affect the durability of the metal products. Especially in position welds, corrosion and rust is inevitable.
End of the first month, the casting of aluminum products ASUZAC ACM virtually unaltered; vice versa, although the products were painted iron, but in all welding positions appeared rusty.
+ The second month: iron products appear more rust. In contrast, aluminum casting products of ASUZAC ACM still not have any indication that the product corroded, rusted by the impact of the external environment.
+ The third month: The product is treated aluminum casting, good surface coating has demonstrated effectiveness in combating suffer ill effects from the external environment. Two other aluminum product is not painted and surface treatment also adversely affected.
  Iron products in general after a long time has been severely damaged, rusted sweep across the surface, the paint peeling on the outside.

The rusted iron products entirely on the 6th month.
=>  Conclusion: 
The iron product proved vulnerable when facing the negative effects from the environment, which is popular in Vietnam climate is humid and salty air mixed from some coastal areas.
The selection of appropriate materials, as well as the unit can provide solutions for surface treatment, coating well for products, enhances durability for project, and ASUZAC ACM always wanted to bring optimal solutions to our customers.

Wish you soon pick suitable products for your home.
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