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Aluminum Element testing | ASUZAC ACM

Product testing result
Along with the casting process is standardized, the composition of the compound that ASUZAC ACM cast aluminum production is managed by the index stricter standards.
In addition to the main ingredient is pure aluminum (Al) accounted for 87.5% or more of the standard, the other additives must comply with the norm to not affect the quality of the finished product.
Processing the test in Japan, by ASUZAC Inc,.
In addition, the heavy metals and toxic to humans such as lead (Pb) are maintained below the standard, other impurities are reduced to a minimum to ensure durability, resistance withstand the forces and other negative impacts from the external environment.

Below is a table of the results of the analysis are cast aluminum and Development Research Institute of corporations ASUZAC conducted. Material is aluminum ingots AC3A. The indicators are at optimum levels compared with the standard requirements.

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