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PHOENIX 4-leaf aluminum gate

 14:40 14/10/2021

PHOENIX 4-leaf aluminum gate | PAN-718 is applied V-Pro technology of modern vacuum casting according to international standards. Electrostatic spraying technology helps paint colors to be shiny, durable, ...

Hộp đèn vuông nhôm đúc

Die-cast aluminum square light box

 15:17 25/05/2021

Die-cast aluminum square light box is a product manufactured by a closed vacuum casting aluminum process with V-Pro technology according to international production regulations, In addition, Asuzac ACM is also powder coated....

DEN 01

Cast aluminum light box

 13:57 25/05/2021

Cast aluminum light box | ALP-13 is a product trusted by customers because of its durable, beautiful and classy features than any other material. Raw materials made of die-cast aluminum monolithic anti-rust, anti-corrosion, adapted to many harsh weather.


PAN LEAVES Decorative Aluminum Sheet

 14:34 13/04/2021

PAN LEAVES Decorative Aluminum Sheet | PAN-865 is designed according to a pattern of curving close together to create a beautiful, luxurious, durable wall-panel decoration at many different environmental temperatures, ..



 14:10 07/04/2021

ALUTECK | 110h designed in a simple, gentle and firm winding style. Aluteck die-cast aluminum products are suitable for a wide variety of cast aluminum products such as balconies, fences, stairs, airways, ...


Luxury Cast aluminum window frame

 13:26 30/03/2021

The luxurious die-cast aluminum window frame is designed based on ideas from subtle curving pattern lines, the outside of the pattern is the aluminum bars that create the solidity of your window frame. Aluminum window frame is designed with delicate antique colors, beautiful, ...

Casting Aluminum Curve

Casting Aluminum Curve

 13:30 22/03/2021

Curve Aluminum Gate | Pan-717 is manufactured from vacuum-molded aluminum technology according to international V-Pro standards convenient. In addition, Asuzac ACM is also equipped with modern electrostatic paint technology to make the product more shiny, more durable in many different environmental temperatures.


cast aluminum fence post

 14:38 18/03/2021

Fence by cross | PIL-161 is manufactured according to V-Pro aluminum casting process originating from Japan, the cross fence pillar is conceptualized and designed to make the fence strong and strong.

Cast Aluminum Balcony Unif

Cast Aluminum Balcony Unif

 14:12 12/03/2021

Stresia Pan450


 08:26 07/07/2020

Stresia die-cast aluminum fence is manufactured from V-pro closed vacuum aluminum casting technology according to international standards, which makes the product highly durable and suitable for many different environmental temperatures.

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