With more and more appearing of villas, villas, townhouses, ... the need for customers to choose gate and balcony product models that match the architectural models of the house is increasingly focused.

Cast aluminum gates and balconies are commonly used in architectural construction, including gates, cast aluminum railings or cast aluminum stairs. Because it is both a decoration, creating accents, attracting, showing class, beauty, luxury and it also helps to protect property and users safely. Due to being processed by aluminum alloy, designed according to needs, achieving high aesthetics, suitable for all living and working spaces to ensure safety for all works.

ASUZAC ACM is proud to be a partner in manufacturing and assembling Curve aluminum gates, BUCKINGAM DOUBLE balcony at villa Vinhomes.

 Curve aluminum gate is designed based on the idea of ​​a compact, sturdy gate with beautiful curving motifs. Light to use, durable, no rust and oxidation when exposed to different ambient temperatures.

BUCKINGAM DOUBLE cast aluminum balcony is designed based on the idea of ​​solid pillars with patterns at the top and bottom. Make the house a magnificent scene, beautiful and sure to use.


Cast aluminum products, when compared with old materials such as wood, iron, stainless steel or more classic than concrete, have the following outstanding advantages:


Cast aluminum gates and balconies are monolithic, so the product is durable, does not cause breakage or rust during use. The product overcomes the weakness of iron that is not oxidized. In addition, the outstanding advantage is the ability to withstand impact by an alloy of aluminum and a small component of other elements such as Manga. As a result, the product has a high durability, without having to spend a lot of money on repair or renewal every year.

ABOUT Aesthetics

Aluminum gates and balconies are made from aluminum alloy. Products are designed with many different designs and patterns because they are molded monolithically. Products are rich in designs - from sophisticated or elegant to simple and elegant. For example: flower and leaf patterns, lion reliefs, unicorn reliefs, lucky coins... Products not only bring high aesthetic value, safety when use but also durable over time. Because of the diversity in design, cast aluminum products are suitable for all projects from houses, apartments to castles, luxury villas....


ASUZAC ACM has advanced and modern V-PRO vacuum aluminum casting technologies, with a tightly closed production scale in the production and processing stages of packaging.
In addition, the factory is equipped with electrostatic spraying technology to help products have bright colors. Especially with this technology, the finished product can withstand extreme weather temperatures, long-term warranty for customers using services at ASUZAC ACM.


It is not enough just to care about the price, because deciding whether a product is quality or not depends on the manufacturer. Coming to ASUZAC ACM, every customer can be assured of our products.
Technologies used:
Modern aluminum casting technology
Large production scale
Advanced coating technology
Using imported aluminum materials without impurities
Full of the most beautiful designs
In addition, ASUZAC ACM also owns a team of professional consultants and designers with many years of experience in the aluminum casting industry. We promise to bring a perfect product model for your home.

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