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Asuzac ACM CO., LTD 100% invested from Japan


V-Process vacuum casting technology


Paint technology: Solvent coating (urethane acrylic, fluorine, etc.), powder coating


Genuine warranty 60 months (5 years)


Nationwide installation package

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​Lorraine cast aluminum balustrade is manufactured according to Japanese technology process with 100% investment capital, raw materials are designed from monolithic cast aluminum to ensure high durability. Balcony Lorraine is also designed with many beautiful patterns to bring elegance and sophistication to your home.
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Refer to some actual works: Ban công nhôm đúc tại Dương Quảng Hàm

What is cast aluminum railing?

Cast aluminum railing is an indispensable important item of buildings with 2 floors or more architecture. Buildings often have many balconies to meet the needs of daily life such as enjoying the wind, sightseeing, drinking tea, discussing work.... Cast aluminum balcony is the part that surrounds the balcony, helping to keep homeowners safe.

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Why should you choose Lorraine cast aluminum railing?

Lorraine cast aluminum railing is a product designed by harmoniously combining textures and patterns to create the most impressive and beautiful art product. The overall balcony is elegant and flexible with winding patterns. Therefore, the models of lorraine cast aluminum balconies are very suitable for customers who like a gentle, elegant style...
lorraine aluminum balcony applying powder coating technology

Some actual works   Balcony railing - lorraine aluminum railing is cast from aluminum alloy with stainless properties to help the product be durable over time. In addition, before finishing and assembling for customers, the cast aluminum balustrade products are all coated with high-grade multi-layer paint. This makes the product highly heat resistant and unaffected by oxidation and extreme weather conditions. Customers can also choose paint colors to match the overall project.

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Quotation sample product Lorraine cast aluminum balustrade

How much does Lorraine cast aluminum railing cost? This is a common question asked by many people when you choose this product. The price of lorraine cast aluminum balcony depends on the length, width, and thickness of the building. Depending on the project, the product has different prices, here is a quote for a basic project:
  • Width: 800 mm 
  • Hight: 450 mm
  • Thick: 20 mm
  • Weight:  6 KG
With the size on the price of the product: 10,300,000 VND/M2  (excluding VAT)
Note: Product price list is for reference only. As the product can fluctuate depending on the material,...

 Prestigious aluminum gate supplier in Vietnam

Asuzac ACM confidently provides customers with top quality cast aluminum gate products, with a closely monitored production process, applying the most modern technologies and professional designers, Each die-cast aluminum gate product supplied to the market ensures safety and aesthetics.

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Specifications of the Lorraine cast aluminum balustrade

  • Code

  • Width

    800 mm
  • Height

    450 mm
  • Thickness

    20 mm
  • Weight

    6 Kg

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