Copper drum casting aluminum gate is a product chosen by many customers because of its outstanding pattern features. The details on the aluminum alloy gate are mostly clear and sharp 3D embossed patterns, creating a prominent highlight for each house. Using die-cast aluminum gates both makes the house impressive and luxurious, while helping homeowners save time and money on repair and maintenance.

Design ideas for cast aluminum gates in Bac Ninh copper

The copper drum cast aluminum gate is solidly cast with beautiful pattern lines. In the middle of the gate is cast a prominent bronze drum symbol pattern, creating a highlight for the house. The image of the star on the Dong Son bronze drum represents the supreme image in nature, which is the sun. The ancients believed that the sun provided energy and light for them, so they were respectful and grateful. Images of birds represent the cult of nature. With the concept that birds are the ancestors of mankind, the image of an egg in the legend of Lac Long Quan - U Co or a bird motif shows gratitude to the ancestors.
In addition, ASUZAC ACM also designed more patterns to create a space to help the garden become airy and receive more sunlight.


The copper drum casting aluminum gate is applied modern V-Pro vacuum casting technology, which is durable, not rusty, light in use, meeting Japanese technology standards. For the most perfect product, Asuzac ACM has equipped with electrostatic spraying technology to help the product have true, sharp colors. The product can withstand a variety of harsh environmental conditions. With strict production and inspection process, ASUZAC ACM will bring to customers the most perfect product.

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